Fort York is Toronto
Fort York houses a story that is vitally Canadian and uniquely Torontonian. It’s a place where alliances were forged, where cultures came together and formed something new and special. Fort York’s soldiers and their families lived within the grounds of the fort, as well as in the town it defended. They enlivened the community, enhancing social activity and brought theatre, dance, music, scientific knowledge and engineering skills.

And in the role it is most famous for, the defence of the Town of York (to become Toronto) during the War of 1812, a distinctive community was formed. This community emerged from the alliance and partnership of peoples that included Canada’s First Nations. Toronto’s pluralistic identity took root. Toronto began here.

To learn more about Fort York National Historic Site, please visit:
The Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common

Today, Fort York is a lively place for civic engagement and programming involving partners such as Luminato, Historica Dominion, Parks Canada, Evergreen, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and many more. In 2012 alone, the fort saw nearly 100,000 visitors, including 10,000 to see The Encampment, a project of Toronto’s Luminato 2012.