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Exterior photo credit:  Patkau Architects, Inc. / Kearns Mancini Architects, Inc.

What People Are Saying About the Fort York Visitor Centre since its opening earlier this fall…

“An iconic battleground of the War of 1812 finally gets the museum it deserves.” – Catherine Osborne in Azure Online, Sept 2014.

“It’s a terrific building, but more, it’s a display of smart civic planning in which heritage and historical values are actually shown to work hand in hand with housing development, recreation, and even traffic needs. Go see.” – Christopher Moore, One for the Good Guys, blogpost, 19 Sept.

“The vision for Fort York is spectacular… The concept artfully references Fort York’s historic context on the bluff of Lake Ontario in its inspired form and use of materials, while bringing the site into striking, contemporary focus.” – Urban Toronto, 19 Sept.

“Simultaneously bold and discreet, the building is distinctly Canadian in its forthrightness and simplicity.” – Canadian Architect, 17 Sept.

“The Visitor Centre…is a sensitive and powerful work of architecture. It skillfully opens up the Fort site to the city, and also sheds light on its past – speaking to the layers of history embedded here from 1793 onward, and adding an artful new layer of 21st-century city-building.” – Alex Bozikovic, architectural journalist, The Globe and Mail.

“Bravo on Fort York. It is probably one of the most beautiful and poetic buildings this city has in it… The spirit of the building is so strong that it was hard to take my eyes away from the perfection of site planning and robustness of the space.” – Janet Rosenberg, Janet Rosenberg and Studio Landscape Architects, 2 Oct. 2014.

“The Fort York Visitor Centre is Toronto’s best building of the decade. It is a beautiful and significant new addition to Toronto’s cultural scene. The design neatly fits in the cultural landscape of Fort York, knitting together and engaging the Fort with its many new neighbours.” – Michael McClelland, founding partner, ERA Architects.


 Interior photo credit:  © 2014 Jean-Marc Robin: